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A wonderful show for all types of events that combines first class magic and high pace comedy!
In close connection with the spellbound audience John Martin presents a very entertaining and truly unique show that can only be described as a blend between stand-up comedy and classic magic.
You will not find any sparkling boxes or palette covered suits, but an energizing mix of world class magic and illusions, impromptu comedy and not at least John Martin friendly and inviting personality.
There is lots of fun audience participation (but John Martin never ”makes a fool” of the persons on stage with him!). This is the show where laughter and applauses fills the auditorium.
A bulletproof hit for all types of events. John Martin adjusts the show after your venue and size of audience, everything from a close show to a bigger stage act.

Cast: John Martin (+one stagehand).
Advertising material: available for download. We do not send printed material.
Target audience: +16 y/o, resorts, holiday clubs, cruise lines, restaurants, kick-off, festivals and similar events.
Audience size: from minimum of 8 persons to about 150 persons.
Length of show: show runs in approximately 30 minutes.
Stage size: minimum 3 x 2 meter. No stage need if less than 40 persons.
Height to roof: 2, 20 meter.
Electrics: one 220V/10 A - outlet on stage.
Pre-show: backstage preparation about 60 minutes. Props brought on stage within 5 minutes or less.
Packing: Clears the stage with in 5 minutes or less.
Other: please contact us trough management@johnmartin.se for further information.

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