Here you will find everything that is expect from a magician; amazing tricks, mysterious boxes, loads of laughter, cheers and insoluble enigmas.
Sometimes the children get to come up on stage to assist John Martin and sometimes everybody thinks they see how it’s all done but wait… no, just so easy wasn´t it!
John Martin is ranked as one of Sweden’s absolute top family entertainer and this show is a guaranteed hit for all kind of child -or family events!

Cast: John Martin (+one stagehand).
Advertising material: available for download. We do not send printed material.
Target audience: from 6 y/o -12 y/o or family entertainment. Holiday clubs, resorts, hotel animation, cruise ships and family oriented events of all kinds,
Audience size: from minimum of 15 persons to about 80 persons.
Length of show: show runs in approximately 30 minutes.
Stage size: minimum 3 x 2 meter. No stage need if less than 40 persons.
Height to roof: 2, 20 meter.
Electrics: one 220V/10 A - outlet on stage.
Pre-show: backstage preparation about 60 minutes. Props brought on stage within 5 minutes or less.
Packing: Clears the stage with in 5 minutes or less.
Other: please contact us trough for further information.

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